Battery Storage

Maximize your savings with a solar system + battery from Cascade Power, with $0 down and Day 1 savings!

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Solar Panels + Battery Gives You Control

Generate, store, and manage solar energy on your terms. As a certified vendor, we can offer you a solar energy storage product that is trusted by the most innovative Fortune 500 companies. With manufacturers like LG Chem and Tesla, we provide the safest and most reliable battery storage available, rated for indoor or outdoor installation.

When the Power Goes Out, You’ll Stay On

Solar battery storage will take your rooftop installation to the next level. It’s common knowledge that in recent years, power outages have only been getting worse across California. During a power outage, you’ll be secure in knowing that Cascade Power’s Solar and Battery Storage System will provide you with longer-lasting, sustainable energy generated from your rooftop. Our battery storage solution gives you the ability to keep your food stored safely in your refrigerator, charge your electronics, and keep the lights on during an outage.

Solar Energy Storage to Maximize Your Savings

With solar battery storage, you will gain the ability to decide how much energy you want to store and when. You can insulate yourself from peak energy rates and unpredictable charges.


Our battery technology provides power during peak demand times so that you don’t need to rely on grid electricity when rates are highest. Your battery can charge up during the day while solar energy is plentiful. When solar energy availability winds down, the battery backup can then power your home. This allows our customers to save money by not having to pay for electricity with higher rates.


Similar to having your own personal stock broker buying low and selling high, you can think of your battery as your personal energy broker. You will be drawing power from the grid when it’s cheapest, and selling back to the grid when the cost of power is the highest. Protecting you against fluctuations in electricity prices, time-of-use rates, and future price hikes, a battery allows you to get maximum credit for the power your solar panels produce regardless of any price changes by your utility company.


With a Cascade Power Solar and Battery Storage System, you can count on reliable backup power, savings on your utility bill, and peace of mind.

Go Clean,
Go Green

By purchasing your panels, you can offset 100% or more of your energy use and costs. It’s good for your wallet and the planet.

Trustworthy, long-lasting

Our manufacturers produce the best-in-class technology, with guarantees up to 25 years, which you won’t find anywhere else. Join over 1,000 satisfied homeowners in California in going solar with Cascade Power.