Solar Plans & Services

We offer every solution under the sun

Want to go solar with no money out of pocket? We can do that. Want to own your own system? We do that, too. No matter what your financial situation may be, we’ll find the best solution for you.

Power Purchase Agreement (PPA): Hassle free solar!

Going solar with a PPA couldn’t be easier or more affordable. With no upfront cost, we can provide you with predictable power costs. This option can also be more affordable than purchasing and owning the entire system. You’ll have a beautiful solar array on your house, and we’ll make sure the panels are maintained and monitored for the next 25 years. And with a fixed rate guarantee, you won’t have to worry about uncertain rate changes!

Stop paying your utility company, keep the power
Stop paying your utility company, keep the power
Tomorrow’s power, today

Solar Purchase: You own the panels, you own the power!

With Cascade Power’s Solar Purchase, you will purchase the entire system upfront. The solar panels are yours from day one, as are the savings on your electric bill. You will no longer have to worry about fluctuating energy costs or confusing charges on your bill.

Tomorrow’s power, today

Battery Storage: Maximize your savings with a smart battery!

Enjoy safe, clean, and reliable backup power to keep your home powered in the event of a blackout. Our home battery system saves you money by seamlessly optimizing when a home uses electricity generated from solar, stored in the battery, or from the grid.

No upfront cost, the power is yours
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